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Wordnet Series II

Product Status and Options: The Wordnet Series 2 is obsolete; the manufacturer withdrew all support in April 2006.

Wordnet Series IIIf you are still using this product you should certainly be planning to replace it within the foreseeable future. Business Systems have limited spare parts for the Wordnet Series 2. Maintenance contracts are available to UK users and Business Systems can still provide expansion and enhancement kits for the Wordnet 2, so if you are planning to keep your system for the next few years and you need to add more channels we can do the work for you.

Product replacement is the only long-term option for Wordnet 2’s and there are excellent choices available in the Vocal Recorder and Nicelog ranges. There is a special trade-in offer available from Vocal so this is definitely worth a look.

Recommended Call Recording Upgrades

If you need to upgrade your Wordnet Series II call recording software and are looking for a solution that complies with regulations, monitors quality of service and uncovers business insight through recorded calls then there are three call recording products worth considering as follows;

NICE Call Recording
Vocal Wordwatch 
Red Box Quantify