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Which call recording solution is best for you?

Which call recording solution is best for you?

Which Call Recording solution is best for you? 

There are many call recording solutions on the market. These can start from simple single unit plug-in devices through to full blown workforce optimisation suites. Which one is right for you is dependent on many factors which include number of users, business requirements, if there are any specific business issues that need to be addressed and budget.

Plug and Play

Plug-in devices are very much at the starter end and offer very cost-effective methods of recording but are typically only used in very small environments. These devices connect to both the phone and to the computer PC. Calls are intercepted and then recorded on to the PC. Calls are replayed by the local user as they are held on the PC. This does mean that security and backups may be affected although some solutions offer options to upload calls to a central server. However if you are using a hosted or shared telephony environment to which you cannot connect a server based recording solution, this may be the only option. 

Which call recording solution is best for you?

Hosted Call Recording

Hosted (or cloud) offerings are normally most viable when both the telephony and recording solutions are all hosted. If you use Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) for your telephony environment then although it is technically viable to record on to a hosted platform, there are a number of technical hurdles to overcome. For example, how will calls route in order to be recorded in a hosted platform, will there be a method to integrate to the telephony to obtain useful call information and how will users access the recording solution? Your IT people may also throw up hurdles such as security. However for organisations that are willing to look at overcoming these issues the main benefit is that you can pay a monthly subscription fee. This makes it very attractive from a financial point of view, but you may have to compromise on available functionality.

CPE Call Recording

CPE based recording solutions are still very much the norm especially within the financial markets sector, most contact centres and specialist areas such as public safety. Normally most organisations want to keep control of their data and to ensure this they want on premises equipment. However the number of recording solutions available vary in both pricing and functionality. Red Box recorders for example will provide recording, integration, resiliency / redundancy options, quality monitoring, screen recording, PCI compliance and even audio analytics. At the higher end of the market you have NICE and Verint and generally they offer very much the same recording options and applications. They offer the same type of features as Red Box but in addition take it to the next level for add on applications such workforce management, customer feedback and even email and social media capture / integrations. 

So how do you know which is the right solution? Simple, don’t go to a one stop shop or to a single solution provider. Choose an independent recording solution provider who can provide unbiased advice and ensure that the correct (and potentially tailored) solution is provided to meet your requirements.