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What is Call Recording?

What is Call Recording?


What is call recording?

Call recording software enables you to record telephone conversations either over a PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) or VoIP (Voice over IP) in a digital audio file format. It also provides you with the ability to retrieve, playback, store and share call recordings. Call recording software should not be confused with call monitoring technology such as call logging (gathering, evaluating and reporting technical and statistical facts about calls) and call tracking (recording information about incoming calls). Its sole purpose is to record the phone conversation taking place between individuals. The technology is typically easy to deploy and can be working within a matter of minutes. 

What is the purpose of call recording?

Companies or individuals buy call recording systems for different reasons depending on their unique requirements or industry needs. For example in a contact centre environment investment in call recording will assist with service quality monitoring, in banking or trading floors it assists with fact verification, dispute resolution and helps firms meet compliance regulations. General businesses would typically use it for training and coaching of staff to help improve sales efforts and public safety organisations would use it to record mission critical incidents. Once conversations are recorded, organisations can easily retrieve, play back and categorise recordings based on a number of different criteria including time and date of calls, duration of calls or who took the call. 

What benefits should it deliver for an organisation?

Call recording can deliver a number of different benefits for an organisation including a wealth of insight into how well your agents or employee’s are handling calls, determining who needs more training on a given area, or who in fact is excelling and should be benchmarked against. This allows the end-user to ensure calls are being handled correctly, whether by company values, standards or within regulatory requirements. Call recording software can also boost the end user’s sales conversions, by identifying the selling techniques which are working well as well as those which are not. In addition to this, call recording can ensure any misunderstandings made over the phone over any payment transactions, orders taken, deliveries scheduled or trades being made are quickly resolved, with huge potential fines or complaints against the organisation being avoided. 

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