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Verint Call Recording

Verint Call Recording

Verint Call Recording Systems can capture, index, archive and retrieve voice, video, and text interactions across multiple channels and is unified with other products within the Verint Workforce Optimization portfolio, such as  Workforce Management and Speech Analytics.

There are a number of different reasons why organisations record interactions between their customers and employees, such as liability protection, compliance, and quality management. 

While these recordings can contain massive amounts of useful information, extracting actionable intelligence from them quickly can be challenging.  

With Verint Call Recording you can quickly search, replay, and report on calls by topic, which can dramatically reduce cost and time required for call reviews.

Verint offers a variety of recording solutions, including:

  • Intelligent Call Recording: A single, prepackaged solution that couples call recording with the power of speech processing,.
  • Interaction Recording: A full-time, multichannel enterprise compliance recording and archiving solution.
  • Face-to-Face Voice Interaction Recording: A scalable, robust recording solution that can capture face-to-face interactions between employees and customers at distributed business locations.
  • Recording for Public Safety: A full-time, multichannel recording and archiving solution for public safety compliance, driving better citizen experiences, and managing liability more effectively.
  • Verint for Financial Compliance: An enterprise, multichannel solution designed to help trading compliance officers ensure compliance with financial regulations, adhere to internal procedures, and demonstrate best practices to regulators.

These solutions can be deployed on premises or in cloud environments. 

Key benefits of Verint Call Recording:

  • Provides a full-time, enterprise recording and archiving solution to help enhance compliance, reduce liability, and support customer engagement management
  • Enhance compliance and reduce liability.
  • Support customer engagement management for improved customer interactions, business processes.
  • Captures employee screen data and keystrokes passively, either concurrently during the interaction, or standalone during back-office user activities, without the need for programming or deep integration.
  • Captures voice, video, and text interactions across multiple channels — including PBX, VoIP, chat, digital collaboration, email, mobile voice/ SMS, trading turrets, and face-to-face — via a single recording system.
  • Incorporates the power of speech processing for automatic call disposition, with faster, more accurate search, replay, and reporting by key call topic.


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CE Electric and Audiolog 

To find out more about how we have successfully implemented Verint solutions, please check out our case studies below or contact us for further information.

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Other Verint System Solutions:

Why work with Business Systems?

Business Systems have been deploying and supporting Verint Systems in the UK for more than 15 years.

We pride ourselves on always putting our clients' needs first by providing them with independent and unbiased advise. By working with a number of different call recording manufacturers we are able to always put forward the best fit solution for our client's environment. 

  • 30 years experience in call recording
  • Global support capabilities in over 28 countries
  • Committed to delivering outstanding customer service and support
  • Dedicated to helping you achieve fast ROI on your technology