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Verint Audiolog

A flexible, modular, mid-range call recording solution for expanding or mixed requirements, with capacity to record between 4 and 180 channels per server. Verint® Audiolog™ can record voice, screen, radio and VoIP.

Audiolog call recording systems can record voice, screen, radio and VoIP communication constantly, selectively or on-demand. The modular design enables organisations to easily and cost effectively add functionality, such as CTI integration, extra recording channels, or quality monitoring.

Audiolog recorders are mid-range call recording systems, supporting from 4 to 180 channels of recording per server providing a low cost flexible growth path for small to medium applications. They support any telephony infrastructure and all types of recording simultaneously, total/constant recording, selective for training or ‘record on demand’ for specific calls. Investment can be phased adding modules to record VoIP and screen activity as and when required without additional hardware investment.

Key Benefits

  • Lower acquisition cost, high functionality call recording systems

  • Minimal integration needed

  • Multi-use voice recording applications within one server

  • Secure investment using modular design

Key Features

  • Fully scalable: 8 to 96 analogue channels, 8 to 120 digital channels or 180 channels

  • via 6 x E1 ISDN

  • Playback call recordings via telephone, PC speakers or remotely over the LAN

  • Integrates with wide range of switches (PBXs)

  • CTI integration or inexpensive d-channel connectivity offers detailed call information

  • Wide choice of search parameters for retrieving calls

Reliability and Flexibility

  • Failsafe voice recording using hot-swappable, mirrored 80Gb internal hard drive

  • Up to 21,000 hours of storage to hard drive before storage media needed

  • Automatic archiving to single or dual DVD-RAM drives

  • Open architecture, supporting familiar IT platforms: SQL database and Windows 2000

  • Single server design minimises points of failure and reduces the cost of acquisition and maintenance

Optional Advanced Features

  • Extract detailed call information for fast and easy retrieval, using the d-channel or CTI integration

  • Archive older calls to a central location on the IT network

  • (using NAS, SAN or central archived storage)

  • Integration to quality management software to evaluate and monitor staff performance

  • Record VoIP and/or screen in the same server unit as traditional voice calls

  • Live monitoring for pro-active call resolution

  • Single server design minimises points of failure and reduces the cost of acquisition and maintenance

  • Full call recording service and support contract available

Recommended Call Recording Upgrades 

If you need to upgrade your Verint Audiolog call recording software and are looking for a solution that complies with regulations, monitors quality of service and uncovers business insight through recorded calls then there are three call recording products worth considering as follows;

NICE Interaction Management (NIM) 
Vocal Wordwatch 
Red Box Quantify