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The Contact Centre Agent of 2020

The Contact Centre Agent of 2020

What will contact centres look like in 2020?

We catch up with Nicola Millard, BT’s Customer Futorologist at this years Customer Contact Expo, who shared a few of her insights on the Contact Centre Agent of 2020.

A key point that Nicola makes is that the customer is increasingly doing more for themselves, whether this is through self-service or self-learning and this really then begs the question of what value does the contact centre add or can the contact centre add in future. In a nutshell, following the research BT conducted the general feeling is that the contact centre will increasingly be focussed on handling the more complex enquiries that cannot be easily automated or siloed into a neat little bucket.

Nicola asks us to consider what kind of skills agents will need going forward and in terms of knowledge it’s got to start being more than the standard set of FAQ’s - agents need to be empowered to take on a customer’s complex issue on their behalf, this is where the real value can be added.  

Nicola prompts you to look at what kind of measures you are putting your agents under, how do you manage them and how do you make them a lot more strategic rather than something regarded as simply a cost.

Ultimately it’s not really about processing lots of calls really really fast, it’s about how you add the value of that human contact. It needs to be less about highlighting the number of calls you handled in a given week and more about having an informed view of what’s on the customers mind at any given time.