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Teleopti Workforce Management V.8

Teleopti Workforce Management V.8


What can you expect from Teleopti's latest workforce management product release?

Johan Hard, Sales Director at Teleopti takes the time to share some key insights with us about what customers can expect from the latest release of their workforce management system.

Cut down on irrelevant clutter
First and foremost it’s about ease of use, it’s a well-structured design letting users independent of their role get access to their portion of the system. This helps cut down on irrelevant clutter, ensuring users only view the information they need to, providing more focus than ever before.

Reduce the complexities when planning agent training
It also provides training management and can be configured to automatically plan for the training of staff. This can prove invaluable for those organisations who have to schedule the coaching and training of numerous agents with different skill sets on a variety of different topics. The time saved on manual planning and reviewing of schedules can be significant, enabling your organisation to focus more on generating great quality training materials rather than figuring out who can attend what and when.

Save time by automating over-time
The automated over-time management feature also provides time savings by allowing organisations to draw on a pool of staff who have indicated they are happy to work additional hours during peak periods. This saves much time scrambling around making last minute calls, trying to find someone with availability and having to cajole them into extending their hours.

Access schedules on the move
Visibility of Team leaders in the contact centre is key and encouraging them to regularly walk the floor creates a great sense of camaraderie and ensures they can be on hand to help agents when required. The Teleopti workforce management system allows them to continue to monitor scheduling and planning information using a tablet which can easily be carried around with them when walking the floor or even during offsite meetings.

Better motivate staff with gamificaton
Perhaps one of the most exciting developments is the addition of gamification features which starts making KPI’s at an agent level much more interesting. Most people are motivated by reward and gamification can be set up to get agents to focus on the right things by rewarding them for delivering against them. For some this becomes even more compelling when made into a competition or league table with different teams striving to achieve points or goals.

In a nutshell, Teleopti have listened to what customers want and focussed on developing the product in ways that will add value to contact centre operations by reducing the costs associated with planning, resourcing and scheduling all whilst trying to foster better employee engagement.

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