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Speech Analytics Consultancy

Speech Analytics Consultancy

Business Systems provides independent speech analytics consultancy and advisory services to help organisations significantly outperform in the dynamic and challenging environments in which they operate.

Do you have real actionable business insight?

Everyday your business is interacting with its customers for MANY different reasons... understanding those reasons and drivers is the key to business success. Increasing the number of positive interactions such as sales and up-sells whilst reducing negative interactions such as complaints or poor business process is an objective shared by all, the key is always where to start.

Voice of YOUR customer - If you are recording your calls you are capturing the voice of the customer already but what are you doing with it? Chances are, very little....

Business Systems have extensive experience of providing ACTIONABLE business insight and offer consultancy services designed around your specific business objectives which help extract the hidden information captured within your interactions.

Consultancy Service

Overview of Consultancy Service


  • Measure current performance of a specific objective

  • Engagement will include a follow-up snapshot to measure improvement gains

Waste Elimination

  • Identify waste on calls relating to process, agent or customer behaviours (i.e. Measure and quantify cost to business of silence on calls)

First Call Resolution


  • Quantify current level of FCR

  • Understand the volume and reasons for repeat contacts and derive an action plan to improve FCR

Revenue Generation

  • Categorise calls that didn’t have a successful outcome and identify underlying reasons why

  • Identify the volume of lead generation and evidence - good and bad practice

Revenue Protection

  • Identify and quantify what attempts are being made to retain revenue / customers and what makes a successful retention discussion


  • Large scale analysis of compliance centered investigations to ensure satisfactory adherence or to pinpoint specific instances of non-adherence

Outsourcer/3rd Party

  • Measure the performance of any outsourced contact centres against each other or versus an internal contact centre to ensure best practice

Other potential areas for consultancy support:

  • FCR Improvement
  • Demand Elimination
  • Sales Effectiveness
  • Outsourcer Effectiveness
  • Service Quality Improvement
  • IVR Optimisation
  • Identification of caller intent
  • Call Volume and AHT deflection
  • Revenue optimisation
  • Customer retention
  • Non speech reduction
  • QM Optimisation
  • Up-sell and cross-sell effectiveness
  • Improvement of Collections rate

To find out more about our speech analytics consultancy services, email us or call 0800 458 2988.