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Resource Planning Consultancy

Resource Planning Consultancy

Resource planning is not just about driving excellence through tools and technology; it’s how staff use and interpret those tools. Our call centre resource planning consultancy focuses on maximising workforce management products, tools and techniques to their full potential, helping our clients achieve efficiency savings and ultimately enhancing their own customer’s experience.

Key deliverables of the consultancy:

  • Provides in-depth analysis of existing coaching and resource planning processes
  • Identifies inefficiencies in existing resource planning procedures
  • Reviews key components of resource planning lifecycle, the methodology and techniques used, as well as calibration practices and reporting tools
  • Provides a detailed plan of action highlighting opportunities for improvement
  • Provides effective change management with the introduction of new resource planning methodologies

With any resource planning engagement the consultancy service typically provides:

Resource Planning Benchmarking – we will benchmark and review your current resource planning methodology and tools. Our consultant meets with key stakeholders onsite to identify the organisations unique business requirements and objectives. A detailed recommendations document is then provided.

Recommendations & Project Planning – if you have a new system installation, special project or any other project which requires specialist knowledge this package will either lead or fulfil the missing role in your project and will be a key resource through the project lifecycle.

WFM Systems Configuration - ensures that the configuration of your workforce management system (WFM) maximises the needs and dynamics of the contact centre whilst ensuring that all key product features are fully leveraged.

Offsite Support & Post Implementation Reviews - Following any initial consultancy carried out, we provide offsite support via telephone or email at no extra charge for a set period after completion of consulting services.

To find out more about our resource planning consultancy services, email us or call 0800 458 2988.