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Renting Call Recording Equipment

Short-term hire of call recording equipment for a period of weeks or perhaps months (not to be confused with a fixed term 3/5yr long lease)

Key benefits

  • Renting is perfect for short term recording requirements
  • A low cost proof of concept trial can be achieved through hiring call recording systems.

Business Systems has a selection of call recorders, which are available to rent for ‘proof of concept’ trials from 6 months or for short-term periods of just one month rolling for specific emergency or disaster recovery incidences.

  • 8 channels/lines of recording to 1000’s available
  • Monthly or weekly rental payment plan
  • Full installation and post sales services are provided

Proof of concept

  • Renting is ideal for organisations looking at call recording for the first time
  • Rentals are also ideal for organisations finding budget difficult to approve
  • Rented systems are an effective testing ground
  • They provide evidence of the usability for your particular organisation
  • Renting also facilitates informed choices to be made subject to trial results (saving potential mistakes on heavy capital expenditure)

Proof of concept – Quality Monitoring

For organisations looking at utilising call recording for ‘quality management’, performance measurement, complaints handling, training or coaching, Business Systems offers a rental ‘start-up’ package for any service environments looking to introduce automated recording and quality monitoring. This package consists of a short-term rental, a few days of an expert consultant's time when a ‘Profit/Performance Improvement’ (PIP) will be produced. This will help set measurable objectives for the proof of concept trial, helping organisations test the true viability and possible returns of call recording for their organisation.


Business Systems does offer fixed term leasing for purchasing recording equipment which involves ‘leasing’ equipment for a 3 to 5 year period.