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Relocation, Expansion, Downsizing

Relocation, Expansion, Downsizing

Relocating or restructuring your organisation? We work with our customers to ensure that their existing investment in call recording and workforce optimisation technologies is protected and leveraged in the best possible way during this time.

For example surplus call recording equipment can be deployed in a number of ways such as improving your resiliency and Disaster Recovery programme, expansion of recording into other areas of the business or alternatively buy-back deals can be negotiated with Business Systems.

Our teams of Engineers are well versed in:

  • office relocations and protecting your call recording and workforce optimisation infrastructure
  • dealing in environments where calls need to be recorded for compliance purposes
  • planning each office move meticulously in advance
  • ensuring all  equipment is set up as swiftly as possible with minimal business impact

Planning a call recording re-location
These moves are project managed and tend to be orchestrated outside of the working week with site surveys used to create blueprints to map out recording infrastructure layout and how this fits into the overall telephony environment. These are typically signed off and agreed prior to the move date to ensure a seamless onsite transition.

Similarly some of our clients have had to facilitate rapid growth and scalability and our team ensure that recording platforms are deployed which perfectly mirror the business expansion ensuring clients can operate on a business-as-usual basis.

Business Systems has a proven reputation for delivering solid project management skills and a strong engineering backbone in projects relating to relocating, expansion and downsizing and consistently deliver to high customer expectations, minimising downtime and inconvenience.