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Red Box Call Recording

Red Box Call Recording

Business Systems are a top tier Red Box recorders provider in the UK, supporting Red Box Call Recording Systems and associated modules.

Through our partnership with Red box, we provide you with the most resilient, open and connected voice capture platform. Unlock the value of captured voice through seamless integration with your choice of applications or services via free and open APIs or by utilising Red Box’s Quantify application suite, or a combination of both.

Why work with Business Systems?

With one of the UK’s largest pool of voice recording technical specialists, we have over twenty engineers with the necessary level of skills and expertise to support the Red Box Call Recording range:

  • Top tier Red Box providers in the UK
  • Over 20 Red Box qualified engineers
  • 30 years experience in call recording
  • Committed to delivering outstanding customer service and support
  • Dedicated to helping you achieve fast ROI on your technology



A choice of powerful applications

Quantify Search and Replay - The perfect application for efficiently searching large volumes of spoken audio content, whether that’s for investigation, dispute resolution, call and transaction validation, or compliance checking.

Quantify Live Acquire - Monitor and listen to calls as they happen. A great application for managers and supervisors to provide real-time coaching and assistance.

Quantify Event Reconstruct - A very useful application for collating recordings from multiple sources to compile evidence needed for auditing, disclosure and compliance.

Quantify Quality Management - Identify trends and employee training needs by automatically sampling calls for assessment and creating custom scoring forms based on set evaluation criteria.

Quantify Insight - Proactively check the status of your recording system through a visual dashboard and hands-off email reports.

Agent Controls - provide optional client-side features to help control data that is being captured for each conversation such as PCI Suppression, Call annotation and Record on demand capabilities.


Red Box Call Recording Range Includes:

Redbox Quantify Contact Centre Call Recording


Red Box Call Recording Range Based on Industry


Red Box Call Recording Case Studies

To find out more about how we have successfully implemented Red Box call recording technology, please check out our case studies below or contact us for further information.