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Police & Public Safety

Police & Public Safety

Communication is a vital ingredient in ensuring that the correct information is passed to the relevant emergency services concerned and that their response is handled correctly and in the most efficient time and manner possible.

Police & Public SafetyIf mistakes are made an inquiry will almost certainly be carried out with people or organisations having to defend their actions, possibly in a court of law. The spoken word therefore is critical in determining what was said, by whom to whom and when it was said.

Key Features of Solutions for Police & Public Safety

  • Business Systems provide a full choice of mission critical call recording products capturing voice, radio and data communications
  • Interview recording technology incorporating audio and video recording is available for organisations conducting investigative interviews for evidence gathering
  • Interaction Analytics can be added to call recording systems so that key word searches and phrases can be used to rapidly pinpoint events leading up to an incident

Key Benefits for Police & Public Safety

  • Proven expertise and insight on national call handling standards within the police and emergency services sector
  • Experienced, reliable voice recording engineers with the highest levels of security clearance
  • A keen understanding of the unique requirements facing this sector with the ability to provide technology designed to improve the quality of investigations carried out during incidents

Business Systems UK provide the latest technology systems and ‘know how’ to solve the problems associated with Emergency situations whether Ambulance, Police, Fire or Public Safety are involved.

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