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Wordwatch Call Recording, Retrieval & Replay Portal

Wordwatch Retrieval & Replay Portal

Wordwatch for live and legacy call recording retrieval and replay from a single point of access.

A cutting edge virtualised playback portal that provides a single user interface to search, replay and export recordings from older legacy call recording systems, as well as record new calls and other interactions from mobile, cloud and on premise.


  • EASY TO USE - find and retrieve calls from both current and legacy systems, through a single access point.
  • MODULAR TECHNOLOGY - cost effective modular system including: quality monitoring, Automated PCI compliance and screen recording.
  • PROTECTS PREVIOUS INVESTMENTS - access calls from multiple systems regardless of manufacturer. When aging hardware becomes a risk, re-archive all calls onto a single server.
  • COST OF OWNERSHIP AND ROI - remove support costs associated with maintaining legacy infrastructure.
  • PLAYBACK - easy playback of calls ensuring all calls can be found by the client in the portal by DNIS.
  • MOBILE RECORDING - seamlessly store and replay audio files from both landline and mobile recordings.
  • USER ACCESS -  profile driven user access rights. 

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