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Wordwatch Quality Monitoring

WordWatch Quality Monitoring

Wordwatch is an enterprise level professional call recording and quality monitoring portal enabling playback of calls from legacy and new recording systems

Wordwatch is an enterprise level professional call recording and quality monitoring portal. It uses a modular architecture with industry standard technology, an approach which ensures call recording requirements from 100 channels upwards can be handled just as easily as smaller requirements should a scaled down version be necessary to suit more specialist needs.

Simplicity & Flexibility

The simple to use Wordwatch web browser front end provides rules-based access from any location and with non-stop voice recording it delivers fail safe hardware for mission critical applications. Available as a stand alone or networked solution it can seamlessly integrate into most business environments working with TDM configurations.

  • FLEXIBLE, EASY DEPLOYMENT - Can be installed as either a Hosted or CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) solution

  • INTUITIVE, EASY TO USE INTERFACE – ensures minimal training is required

  • ECONOMICAL – high performance to expenditure ratio due to modular architecture without compromising on quality or capability

  • SUPPORTS multi-site call recording set ups and configurations

  • PROVIDES AUDIT TRAIL – to monitor and track activities in the systems

  • COMES WITH BUILD-SURE POLICY – guaranteeing that Wordwatch remains compatible with your telephone system for the duration of its lifetime

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