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Vocal Insight for Compliance

Vocal Insight for Compliance

Vocal Insight is a true self-service Business Intelligence software that can help compliance departments become more agile and proactive.

Vocal Insight helps Financial Institutions transform large quantities of data from different sources, into responsive charts making it simpler and easier to identify trends and perform analysis.

Easy to use, intuitive dashboards

Its easy-to-use, interactive dashboard can create single views with unlimited combinations from all the data in the organisation, helping to uncover anomalies in and around transactions that are not apparent with conventional analysis and reporting tools.


  • Remove data silos and improve insight across departments
  • True Self-Service BI Software -no technical skills required
  • Simple, easy deployment & low total cost of ownership
  • Become more agile & responsive 
  • Detect atypical behaviours that may be a potential threat for compliance
  • Take action proactively and avoid escalation