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Verint Impact 360 Workforce Management

Plan, schedule and forecast the agents you need to deliver outstanding customer service.

Verint's Impact 360 workforce management suite (or i360 for short) provides accurate forecasting for intra-day, daily and long-term workload.

Simplify complex tasks and produce optimal schedules.

Take into account individual skills, proficiencies and preferences and ensure that agent skills are matched to customer need. 

  • REDUCE OVERSTAFFING – by more effectively balancing workload across front and back office
  • ACHIEVE CONTACT CENTRE EFFICIENCY – by reducing shrinkage and automating time consuming tasks
  • IMPROVE CUSTOMER SERVICE – by better matching agent skills to specific customer queries
  • MORE TIME FOR AGENT COACHING – use forecasting to identify quiet periods for targeted coaching
  • AGENT JOB SATISFACTION – provide more flexible shifts to better suit agent work life balance needs
  • SCHEDULE MEETINGS OR TRAINING - without impacting service levels

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