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Verint Financial Compliance

Verint (Verba) Financial Compliance

Unify the recording, storage, governance and analysis of omnichannel interactions across UC, trader voice, collaboration, mobile and IP telephony environments for compliance purposes

Verint (Verba) Financial Compliance is helping financial services firms achieve communication compliance, automate assurance and reduce risk across leading unified communications such as:

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Cisco Recording
  • Trader Voice Recording
  • Mobile Call Recording
  • SIP recording
  • Symphony Capture
  • Avaya Recording
  • Skype for Business

Designed to tackle the most pressing compliance challenges of the financial services and trading space, Verba (Verint) Financial Compliance suite of solutions consists of a modular framework to suit an organisation’s individual requirements and support business growth.

Verint (Verba) Financial Compliance Modules include:?

  • Capture: Robust, enterprise-grade compliance recording for unified communications.
  • Archive: Comprehensive, automation-driven records retention and data management framework
  • Transcription & Analysis: Use speech-to-text, robust search and analytics to make sense of large amounts of unstructured comms data.
  • Ethical Wall: A new approach to communications governance allowing you to proactively set-up communication boundaries between parties
  • Policy Check: Real-time voice recording assurance and alerting to help you assure that your recorder is functioning as required and capturing calls per policy
  • Operations Check: -Automated walk-the-floor testing that simulate calls and conducts audio quality validation to ensure workstation, voice platform and recorder availability
  • Systems Check: An automated, vendor-agnostic solution that tests, monitors and verifies your critical communications infrastructure

Verint Financial Compliance’s unified platform records and securely archives interactions across UC, trader voice, IP telephony, mobile, video conference and collaboration environments for compliance recording.  

Moreover, it provides automated tools to monitor and stay on top of the health, operation and configuration of your critical communications and recording infrastructure to avoid compliance fines due to lost or unrecorded calls and to make sure your voice platforms and collaboration tools are working properly before starting daily operations

  • Enable communication channels to keep up with compliance regulations
  • Gather compliance oversight with ongoing communication monitoring
  • Reduce resource requirements with automated monitoring and testing
  • Compliance software which is easy to manage and allows compliance teams to self-serve
  • Reduce compliance costs
  • Modernise operations and oversight
  • Automate processes and assurance
  • Turn data into intelligence