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Verint Automated Verification

Manage operational risk and establish recording assurance by automatically monitoring and testing the operation and configuration of trading turrets, voice recorders, UC and telephony platforms.

Where transactions are involved, testing that all systems are operational is not enough. Especially within regulated environments, each call needs to be recorded, according to policy, 24/7.

Voice Recording Assurance automates the testing and monitoring of the entire voice recording estate to ensure that:

  • everything is up and running at the start of the day
  • all systems perform according to standard
  • the recordings are of set quality

Moreover, it helps detect and rapidly act upon any issues with recording availability, voice quality or potential component failure.

  • RAPID IDENTIFICATION OF SYSTEMS FAILURE - Identifies ‘start of day’ availability, quality issues and near real-time call recording failures by performing active and passive tests on an hourly, daily or weekly basis
  • REDUCE BUSINESS RISK - Minimise the risk of downtime and proactively troubleshoot and flag issues before they lead to potential business exposure
  • REAL TIME REPORTING TO MEET REGULATION – providing true operational intelligence, reports cover the output of tests so that firms can demonstrate they have done everything practically possible to manage risk
  • MINIMISES LABOUR INTENSIVE TASKS – highly skilled staff carrying out systems testing can be redeployed to focus on other areas such as exception reports produced by the systems monitoring

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