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U-WFM Cloud Workforce Management

U-WFM Cloud Workforce Management

Maximise the value of every customer interaction with U-WFM Cloud based Workforce Management

U-WFM provides an easy-to-use, cloud-based workforce management platform with forecasting and scheduling for your entire contact centre workforce. 

U-WFM has established real-time and historic connectors to your Contact Centre Platform and can provide additional functions designed to increase agent retention and reduce administrative overheads.

  • intuitive interface makes the platform perfect for end users utilising workforce management software for the first time
  • 100% cloud based. U-WFM runs entirely through a web browser
  • low impact set-up  perfect for companies seeking a quick turnaround in staff performance and costs


Workforce Management ROI Calculator

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  • Improved CX - Increases quality of service across all contact channels whilst supporting frontline employees.
  • Improved productivity – Clear goals, metrics, performance feedback and greater scheduling flexibility to improve staff productivity, retention and morale.
  • Reduction in costs – Significant workforce cost reductions whilst still maintaining service levels.
  • Increase revenue – Decreased abandonment, lower hold times, increased up-selling and cross-selling. 
  • Easy to use and deploy – Low impact set-up - can quickly be up and running regardless of size.
  • Hassle free – 100% cloud based solution means no capital outlay and a hassle free implementation.  
  • Cost effective - Only pay for what you need on a SaaS basis with no on-going upgrade fees.
  • Significant time savings – Reduce administrative overheads with fast accurate forecasting tools, freeing up time for strategic planning