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Red Box Quantify Quality Monitoring

Red Box Quantify QM

Red Box Recorders Quantify QM (TM) is a quality management package enabling customers to manage call assessment, management, reporting and coaching within small to medium sized contact centres.

Using the latest web-based technologies it addresses requirements for advanced functionality of audio and screen based assessment and provides integrated suppression for PCI compliance and third party integration. A simple yet effective solution to manage call assessment, management, reporting and coaching. 

  • INTUITIVE INTERFACE - Simple set up required for the creation of scoring templates and weighting. 
  • CUSTOMISABLE - Personalised scoring methods to meet every type of scoring and assessment. 
  • ADVANCED REPORTING - Regular reports can be scheduled daily, weekly or monthly to track both agent and evaluator performance, scoring and training needs
  • INTUITIVE COACHING - Provides the ability to send documentations of assessments directly to agents for timely feedback in order to drive performance and effectiveness. 
  • COST EFFECTIVE QM - for voice, screen and data from 10 agents upwards

  • QMLITE VERSION - available for up to 50 agents and 10 supervisors

  • SCALABLE - offering multiple server architecture to allow for scalability and deployment within today’s distributed IT infrastructures.  

  • WEB BASED INTERFACE -  for simple deployment

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