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Red Box Quantify for Trading Floors

Red Box Quantify for Trading Floors

Simple, easy to use voice recording and call recording software which scales effortlessly to solve technical and complex business challenges simply and effectively.

Red Box Quantify is currently used by 10 of the main banks in the UK. The software enables the capture, authentication, analysis and evaluation of multimedia communications from a wide range of telephony vendors, including Avaya, Cisco and Mitel.

Designed to be smart, scalable and forward thinking, Red Box Quantify voice and data recording enables regulatory compliance, supports critical business processes and aids cleaner markets by deterring market abuse.


Why work with Business Systems?

Top tier Red Box providers in the UK
30 years experience in call recording
Large Professional Services teams who support our customers from our UK offices in the City, Greater London and Scotland


  • PROVEN, SECURE AND RELIABLE SOLUTION -  trusted by some of the biggest names in the city of London
  • RESILIENT - automated failover options provide the protection needed to keep businesses operational and compliant
  • FLEXIBLE SOLUTION - record and store all communications from multiple sources, whether dealer boards, fixed line, Hoot ‘n’ Holler, SMS, voicemail and mobile/cell phones across a wide range of platforms on trading floors in investment banks and brokers
  • ASSIST WITH COMPLIANCE INVESTIGATIONS - gain access to entry level analytics at a fraction of the cost with embedded analytics for ‘search by spoken word’
  • SPEND LESS TIME ADMINISTERING - simple, easy to use web-based interface for instant call retrieval

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