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NICE Workforce Management

NICE Workforce Management

An essential staff planning and management tool designed to improve contact centre, service centre and helpdesk performance whilst driving efficiency.

NICE Workforce Management (WFM) is an essential staff planning and management tool designed to digest the complexity of your organisation and produce precise forecasts and clear actions

Workforce Management ROI Calculator

  • Improve Forecasting Accuracy

Ensure you have the right number of employees at the right time with the right skill set

  • Reduce Staffing Costs

Eliminate the costs of associated with over-staffing

  • Handle the Unexpected

Use historical data to help you optimise your workforce in real time when things changes

  • Improve Agent Productivity

Improve agent productivity with time monitoring of agent activity and support as and when needed

  • Grow Customer Satisfaction

Ensure the right agents with the right skill-set are available to meet customer needs