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NICE Workforce Management

NICE Workforce Management

An essential staff planning and management tool designed to improve contact centre, service centre and helpdesk performance whilst driving efficiency.

NICE Workforce Management (WFM) is an essential staff planning and management tool designed to digest the complexity of your organisation and produce precise forecasts and clear actions

  • IMPROVE FORECASTING ACCURACY - right number of employees
  • REDUCE STAFFING COSTS - avoid over-staffing
  • HANDLE THE UNEXPECTED - historical data for optimising schedules
  • IMPROVE AGENT PRODUCTIVITY - real-time monitoring of agent activity
  • GROW CUSTOMER SATISFACTION - right agents to meet their needs
  • STIMULATE REAL WORLD PRIORITISATION -  routing and skill assignments to determine work allocation expectations

Why work with Business Systems?

Independent approach to Workforce Management, which means we always put forward the best fit solution for your needs and environment.

Over 30 years experience - we've been around for a while and pride ourselves on our expertise.

Regular business reviews to ensure the solution is not only operating as it should, but that you are using it at its fullest.

Dedicated to achieving ROI within 6 to 12 months. We are only successful when our customers are happy.