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NICE Trading Recording (NTR)

NICE Trading Recording | NTR Call Recording

Secure and reliable voice recording solution designed to help Financial Trading Floors meet compliance recording.

NICE Trading Recording (NTR) combines trading-floor and back office recording to create the most comprehensive compliance focused recording platform.

Voice recordings & and call data are stored securely with the highest level of secure storage including audio encryption and MD5 fingerprinting to secure all audio files. Managed retention and litigation hold can also be set for all storage media.

  • Reliability: No single point of failure throughout the capture system
  • Flexibility: Fast access to recorded data to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements such as Dodd Frank and MiFID ll
  • Scalability: Recording in multiple locations & quick access for authorised users across trading floors, back offices and branches
  • Functionality: In-depth call search functionality within NICE Trading Recording (NTR) : call duration, marked calls, date and time of call, username etc
  • Integrations: Supports all key Trader Floor and PBX, UC and Mobile Integrations including Microsoft Teams
  • Additional Feature: Optional automated compliance assurance on top of NICE Trading Recording (NTR) with NICE COMPASS

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