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NICE Robotic Automation

NICE Robotic Automation

NICE Robotic Automation automates those routine processes that do not require human thought or involvement.

Automates all of the steps needed to perform any task, (with attended and unattended automation options).

Our customers are using Robotic Process Automation to ensure compliance, improve customer experience, reduce costs and optimise business processes. 

Why work with Business Systems?

Product independence - our unbiased advice for best-fit products 
Service - Our reputation of service excellence for over 30 years
Technical know-how -  397 years of cumulative voice recording and workforce optimisation expertise

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INCREASED CUSTOMER SATISFACTION -  employees freed up to focus on value-added activities for an increase in customer satisfaction.  

IMPROVED PRODUCTIVITY - Software robots complete routine tasks 5 times faster than people - and work 24/7.

INCREASED ACCURACY - 100% accuracy, 100% consistency and 100% policy compliance.
BETTER RESOURCE UTILIZATION -  Employees focus on handling unstructured, customer-focused and problem-solving activities.
RAPID ROI - Almost immediately after implementation, operating costs will see a significant reduction.

Robotic Process Automation Client Testimonials

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