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NICE Real Time Guidance & Automation

NICE Real Time Guidance & Automation

NICE Real-Time Process Optimisation helps guide agents through the complexities of live calls, automates the retrieval and updating of customer data and provides best offers, tailored uniquely to each customer at the time it is most relevant.

Part of the NICE Interaction Management portfolio, it analyses the interactions and transactions which occur between customers and contact centres as they happen, providing valuable insight on customer's wants and needs, the issues they face and how to address them.

NICE Real-Time Process Optimisation impacts interactions as they unfold through next-best-action agent guidance, cross-sell and up-sell recommendations and process automation.

  • SHORTENS AVERAGE HANDLE TIME - through automation capabilities

  • INCREASES FIRST CALL RESOLUTION – through intuitive real time guidance and call out’s

  • INCREASES SALES REVENUE – by providing best offers based on real time customer data

  • REDUCES CUSTOMER CHURN – by providing ‘small merchant intimacy’ and empowers agents to resolve issues through real-time guidance

  • IMPROVES OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY – using a closed-loop operational workflow

  • ENHANCED CUSTOMER SERVICE – dealing with enquiries more efficiently and providing best and relevant offers at optimum time

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