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NICE Quality Central

NICE Quality Central

NICE Quality Central gives you a single, holistic approach to quality management, ensuring that your contact centre and back-office processes and performance metrics are closely tied to top-priority objectives.

Available on premise or hosted, Quality Central automates and customizes all of your quality processes regardless of the data source, channel or recording solution.

NICE Quality Central helps contact centers improve key metrics across the board:

  • Decrease average handle time by 10%-30%
  • Decrease hold time by 5%-25%
  • Increase customer satisfaction by 15%-40%
  • Increase first call resolution by 15%-40%
  • Improve sales effectiveness by 10%-20%
  • UNIFY AND AUTOMATE YOUR QUALITY PROGRAMS - NICE Quality Central incorporates any interaction – from phone calls, chats and emails to claims processes, follow-up work and compliance auditing – into one evaluation process.

  • SAVE TIME AND RESOURCES & REDUCE RISK- Unlike traditional quality management applications, NICE Quality Central functions and updates independently of your recording platform.

  • TAP INTO THE POTENTIAL OF YOUR EMPLOYEES - User-friendly, personalised dashboards make your supervisors, evaluators and agents stakeholders in process improvements.

  • MULTI-SITE SUPPORT – Calls and evaluation results can be reviewed and accessed at any location regardless of where recorded and the communication medium used.

  • EXPERT SUPPORT – As a long standing partner of NICE, Business Systems provides expert advice, implementation, training and support.

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