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NICE Interaction Management (NIM)

NICE Interaction Management (NIM)

NICE Interaction Management delivers multichannel recording for 200+ channels or people and captures, stores and manages telephone, chat and email interactions in the form of voice, screen and text activity.

As of August 1, 2016, NICE Interaction Management is no longer available for sale. However,  Business Systems (UK) retains the ability to support it, regardless of its official status. 

Managing data within a legacy solution:

If you need to access your call recording communication, the Wordwatch solution can facilitate the retrieval of your call recording data whether the call recording system is legacy or live, mobile, cloud based or on-premise, whilst keeping the call metadata in its original file structure and format.

This option is especially helpful if you operate in the financial industry and need to retain calls for prolonged periods of time.

Upgrading your NIM Solution:

If you are looking to upgrade your NIM Call Recording System, we have a number of different solutions depending on your industry and needs.

View our full range of Call Recording Solutions or get in touch to speak with one of our experts and get tailored information for your particular needs.


  • GET A MORE COMPLETE VIEW OF CUSTOMER INTERACTIONS - Capture and record all interaction channels such as voice, screen, email, chat and social media, from a single platform
  • ABILITY TO ENHANCE YOUR QUALITY MANAGEMENT PROGRAMME - using the NICE Quality Management application, which can be further optimised using NICE Interaction Analytics
  • A PLATFORM FOR GROWTH NIM INTEGRATES WITH: Workforce Management, Customer Feedback, Real-time Process Optimisation and Performance Management applications
  • PROTECT YOUR BUSINESS FROM THE RISK OF LITIGATION - fully compliant solution designed to meet industry regulations (FCA, Dodd-Frank, PCI-DSS, HIPPA, MIPPA)

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