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NICE Inform

NICE Inform

NICE Inform is a multi-media incident information management solution capturing the full spectrum of multi-media interactions for a complete chronological, visual and audible history of an incident all in one place.

NICE Inform fuses different types of multimedia information including audio, video, photos, GIS, CAD or other captured desktop screens as well as data collected through PSIM systems, which can be crucial for any investigation, evaluation and training, to a common application and interface providing structure to an otherwise unstructured collection of multimedia data.

  • IMPROVE OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY saving time and money with interactions captured in one single place
  • ENHANCE PERFORMANCE, MONITORING AND TRAINING with a broader selection of multi-media interactions which would have otherwise gone uncaptured
  • PROVIDE STRUCTURE TO ALL INTERACTIONS with third-party voice recordings  imported into an  organiser and synchronized with all incident related video, recordings as well as other multimedia data
  • SPECIFICALLY TAILORED TO THE NEEDS OF YOUR OPERATION, with the option to choose from two NICE Inform versions: NICE Inform Essential and NICE Inform Professional
  • MITIGATE RISK AND LIABILITY by complying with the most stringent legislative and security requirements

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