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NICE engage SMB

NICE Engage Platform SMB

NICE Engage SMB is aimed at the SMB market and delivers a subset of the features of NICE Engage. It provides audio, screen, PCI Compliance and Quality Monitoring for contact centres up to 600 seats.

The NICE Engage SMB Platform is a cost-effective call recording and quality management solution available today for companies in the sub 600 seat contact centre market. Now available in tailored bundles and packages that include PCI compliance and High Availability offerings.  

  • CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE – Advanced Quality Monitoring capabilities to help increase customer satisfaction and improve customer experience. 
  • AGENT EVALUATION – Create your own performance evaluation forms to help track what's most important to your business 
  • ROI – Cost-effective for improved productivity, better agent performance and rapid ROI. 
  • DISPUTE RESOLUTION - Provides you with the ability to resolve issues that may arise from general as well as critical phone-based interactions, including verbal agreements, advice or instructions.