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NICE Engage Platform

NICE Engage Platform

The NICE Engage platform enables agents to act smarter and faster with less effort when servicing customer needs.

The NICE Engage Platform (or as more recently referred to NICE AIR & Engage), provides comprehensive omni–channel interaction recording. NICE Engage also focuses on processes being completed in real-time rather than after the fact by accessing data from multiple channels, ensuring constant availability of data through redundancy and leveraging powerful analytics.

  • CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE – Real-time impact with simplified customer authentication by using voice print technology. 
  • EFFICIENCY & ENGAGEMENT – Automate manual processes, reduce human error and let agents focus on delivering a human service experience.
  • CHURN REDUCTION – Minimise customers leaving by detecting churn signals and cueing agents to retention actions.
  • SALES OPTIMISATION – Optimise sales in interactions by seizing upsell and cross sell opportunities in inbound service calls.
  • IMPROVE PROCESSES - Identify important calls prompting managers to intervene if and when needed.
  • COMPLIANCE & RISK MANAGEMENT - Ensuring compliance by prompting agents to read out necessary disclaimers. 
  • PREVENTING FRAUD - Interaction data can detect attempted fraud during a call, helping agents manage risk before any damage is done.

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