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NICE Customer Feedback

NICE Customer Feedback

NICE Fizzback is ideally suited to those contact centres and customer service based businesses operating with 200+ agents or who deal in high value transactions.

Delivered via the Software as a Service (SaaS) model ensuring rapid deployment and scalability, the solution enables organisations to quickly identify and fix points of failure within the business whilst immediately tracking the impact of changes made.

  • ACHIEVE RESPONSE RATES OF BETWEEN 30-60% - by providing multiple mechanisms for customer feedback an organisation can significantly increase response rates

  • INCREASE CUSTOMER ADVOCACY BY 19% - Complementing Net Promoter Score (NPS) & other customer sat measurement tools – reports from customers highlight increased advocacy of 25-36 points are achievable in less than a year

  • RECOVER 90% OF DISSATISFIED CUSTOMERS WITHIN MINUTES – supporting customer retention strategies

  • IMPROVE AGENT PERFORMANCE – ability to score agents based on direct qualitative and quantitative customer feedback

  • INTEGRATE INTO AGENT COACHING – identify the behaviours driving good and bad customer feedback and deploy coaching / training to match skills gaps

  • CONSULTANCY – ranging from executive sponsorship and providing industry benchmarks to sharing best practice and identifying ‘what questions to ask when’

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