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Nexidia Interaction Analytics

Nexidia Interaction Analytics

One of the best ROI's of any speech analytics application, Nexidia delivers meaningful results and insights rapidly.

Nexidia Omnichannel Interaction Analytics provides the tools and experience to uncover powerful data that can drive change to improve customer experience, lower costs, improve regulatory compliance and more. 

With the ability to mine vital agent and customer data that is assembled from any source, including audio, chat, e-mail, SMS, surveys, and social media, Nexidia Speech Analytics provides valuable insights about customer behavior over every touchpoint of their journey.

Examples of some valuable insights which Nexidia can uncover include:

  • Why are customers contacting your company? (Are there product or process issues that need to be addressed?)
  • What sales offers have you been making? (Which offers are working well - why are they working well and how can you replicate them?)
  • What competitive intelligence can you gather from your customers

  • ADDS CONTEXT – Nexidia Speech Analytics adds context to each customer interaction allowing for a granular understanding of the customer journey

  • FLEXIBILITY – Unified Interaction Analyics platform searching, identifying and drawing conclusions from multiple interactions including audio, chat, email and text 

  • DEVELOPS AGENTS – Uses 100% of captured interactions for agent evaluations and performance measurement