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Feedback analysis and reporting

Powerful feedback analysis and reporting platform using text analytics to transform customer feedback into actionable insight.

Dissatisfied customers are 4 times more likely to switch to a competitor. At Business Systems we understand the importance not only of collecting feedback from your customers, but also acting upon it. However, with multiple feedback sources to manage, gaining actionable insight in time is not that easy. 

To help you leverage valuable customer feedback, we have partnered with Feedback Ferret, an expert in feedback analysis and reporting who can help you: 

  • Consolidate all your Voice of Customer feedback comments from any source into a single analysis and reporting platform.
  • Automatically transform the customer comments into easy to understand, actionable insight using Feedback Ferret’s sophisticated text analysis engine.
  • Deliver the right information to the right people in the right format at the right time, providing actionable insight to improve customer experience and financial performance.
  • STOP DOING THINGS CUSTOMERS DISLIKE - Find out what they dislike and stop doing it. It costs more to bring in new customers than keep the ones you have.
  • DO MORE OF WHAT CUSTOMERS LOVE   - Find out what your customers love to make model best business practice. Gain from repeat business and increased customer lifetime value.  
  • IMPROVE COMMUNICATIONS - Find out where your weaknesses lie and make the necessary improvements.
  • IMPROVE PRODUCTS / SERVICES  - Ask customers what they want improving.
  • IMPROVE STAFF - Let your customers tell you who is and who isn’t performing well and focus your efforts on delivering training programmes where necessary to enable a continuous improvement cycle.
  • REDUCE COSTS - By reacting to negative feedback comments quickly, you can avoid PR disasters, solve dissatisfied customers issues promptly and reduce costs in the complaints process.

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