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Complete Online Digital Evidence System (CODES)

Damovo CODES is a Complete Online Digital Evidence System, developed to replace obsolete analogue recordings and meet the National Policing Improvement Agency's (NPIA) recommendations for ICT best practice.

This product is no longer supported, however please visit this page for information on a more up to date solution.

Damovo CODES is a flexible package of voice and video recording technology, designed to facilitate the investigative interviewing of suspects, victims and witnesses.

CODES enhances the evidence management process, from collection through to secure storage and distribution to authorised users throughout the police force and wider Criminal Justice System.  It vitally ensures compliance with current and future Management of Police Information (MoPI) directives, along with the two new Police and Criminal Evidence Act (PACE) Codes of Practice, E and F.

  • NPIA APPROVED to help achieve better judicial efficiency
  • SAVES ON STORAGE both space and hardware
  • FUTURE PROOF TECHNOLOGY - more reliable evidence that doesn’t degrade over time
  • EFFICIENCY AND INFORMATION SHARE - minimised delays in putting recordings into the hands of authorised users
  • IMPROVED EVIDENCE QUALITY - minimised disruption during the interview process

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