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Call Guard Product

Call Guard

CallGuard prevents card data theft and ensures PCI DSS compliance without replacing your current call recording system

CallGuard, brought to you by Business Systems is an add-on to your existing call recording system.  It  is  a  simple  and  neat  solution  which  allows you to  meet  PCI DSS guidelines banning the  storage  of  credit card data in recorded  calls and also retain the benefits  of  your  chosen  call  recording  system.  It  enables  your customers  to  communicate  payment  card details  by  using  their  telephone  key  pad,  and  (unlike  an  IVR)  means  that  the  agent  and  caller  are  never disconnected from each other and are able to talk freely throughout the card transaction.

Essentially CallGuard has 3 components:

  1. A filter server that sits between the recorder & PBX, to ensure DTMF tones are not recorded.
  2. A Decoder, which is a small USB device that sits between the Agents phone & PC and enables customers to type in their card details on the phone, which are then populated in the contact centre payment application.
  3. A piece of software that sits on the Agents PC, which ensures any card details that appear on their payment screen are blanked out.

  • INSTANT PCI COMPLIANCE - CallGuard’s  plug  &  play  technology  provides  total  PCI compliance  for  your  call  recordings  instantly.  Unlike any  other  IT  project  you  have  ever  undertaken, CallGuard  does  not  require  significant  work  on  your part.  Once CallGuard’s  hardware  is  plugged  in  (a process  measured  in  minutes  or  hours), implementation is complete.
  • NO WASTED INVESTMENT -  You've  already  invested  a  substantial  amount  of money  in  your  current  call  recording  system.  You  can keep  using  it  because  CallGuard  is  an  add-on  which will  work  with  any  call  recording  system  you  choose (even if you change in the future).
  • YOU KEEP YOUR EXISTING PAYMENT PROCESS Alternate  approaches  can  require  you  to  change  your payment  system  or  payment  provider.  This  can  have a dramatic  impact  on  the  fees  you  pay  for  processing card payments.

With CallGuard, you continue to use your existing payment  system.  If you decide  to  change  in  the  future, your  recorded  calls  will  still  automatically  be  PCI compliant  as  CallGuard  works  with  every  payment system

Minimal upheaval for your business
Moving to any other PCI-compliant system will require a  lot  of  time  and  effort  to  integrate  with  your  phone system,  recording  system  and  desktop-level  payment systems.

CallGuard  sits  like  an  ‘invisible  layer’  on  top  of  your existing  systems  (which  do  not  need  any  changes). You  keep  your  existing  CRM  systems,  your  same payment  provider,  and  your  same  internal  processes. Everything keeps running as normal.

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