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Automated Legacy Call Recording Retrieval

The latest technology designed to automate voice recording retrieval from older tape and legacy call recording systems.

Automated Legacy Call Recording Retrieval helps you get hold of any recorded data, whether recent or legacy, when you need it for legal investigations, voice analytics or trade reconstruction projects.

Manual call retrieval can be extremely demanding in terms of resources, time, accuracy and costs. With Automated Legacy Call Recording Retrieval, the need for manual effort is eliminated and, with it, the risk for human error or for lost or damaged files.

Even on old, legacy recorders Automated Legacy Call Recording Retrieval can automatically pull data and store it again to more up-to-date storage systems in a format that allows fast compliance with any legal or regulatory requests.

With Automated Legacy Call Recording Retrieval call recording search and retrieval becomes faster, more accurate and cost effective.

  • REDUCE THE COSTS OF LEGACY CALL RECORDING RETRIEVAL – Effectively replacing the need for human interaction, this automation platform reduces the needs for manual retrieval
  • INCREASE ACCURACY & SPEED OF RETRIEVALS – All call recordings can be extracted from tape or disk in a secure, organised manner and sorted into a pre-defined directory structure
  • MORE EASILY MEET COMPLIANCE OBLIGATIONS – Call recordings can be securely verified and transferred with supporting indexes and files to provide context and better manage risk
  • PROACTIVE MANAGEMENT – Be proactive by analysing call recordings and identifying potential issues ahead of compliance audits and enquiries


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