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Trading Floor Call Recording

NICE Communication Surveillance

Monitors traders across all channels of communication including voice and text to ensure essential compliance protection.

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NICE Engage Platform

The NICE Engage platform enables agents to act smarter and faster with less effort when servicing customer needs.

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NICE Engage Platform SMB

NICE Engage SMB is aimed at the SMB market and delivers a subset of the features of NICE Engage. It provides audio, screen, PCI Compliance and Quality Monitoring for contact centres up to 600 seats.

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NICE Trading Recording (NTR)

Secure and reliable voice recording solution designed to help Financial Trading Floors meet compliance recording.

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O2 Mobile Recording

O2 Mobile Recording enables organisations to record voice and text conversations to help meet compliance and reduce business risk.

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OPEX Enterprise

OPEX Enterprise is a simple and flexible Cloud Communications Management solution that allows organisations to route customer communications to agents regardless of their location.

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Red Box Quantify for Trading Floors

Simple, easy to use voice recording and call recording software which scales effortlessly to solve technical and complex business challenges simply and effectively.

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Skype for Business Recording

Helping financial institutions ensure all communication channels meet their compliance blueprints with Skype for Business Recording.

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smartnumbers Mobile Call Recording

Simple and scalable solution to record and monitor business calls and texts for compliance and dispute resolution.

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Teams Recording

Depending on compliance regulations for your industry, you may need a third-party solution to manage, replay or archive teams calls for compliance.

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TeleMessage WhatsApp Archiver

Transforming business mobile messaging and mobile archiving with mission critical solutions - Managed, secure, reliable and IT Ready.

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TeleWare Mobile Call Recording

Effective Mobile Call Recording solutions that can be rapidly deployed in days to keep your staff operational while remaining compliant regardless of location.

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Teleware Re:Call App

Re:Call enables employees to use their personal mobile phone to make and receive business calls and SMS.

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Verint (Verba) Financial Compliance

Unify the recording, storage, governance and analysis of omnichannel interactions across UC, trader voice, collaboration, mobile and IP telephony environments for compliance purposes

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Verint Automated Verification

Manage operational risk and establish recording assurance by automatically monitoring and testing the operation and configuration of trading turrets, voice recorders, UC and telephony platforms.

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Wordwatch Retrieval & Replay Portal

Wordwatch for live and legacy call recording retrieval and replay from a single point of access.

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