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Enterprise Management 360

Why we Need Robots Onboard


Computers have always been ultimately about automating repetitive human tasks, be that on the shop floor or the back office.

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Directors Club Newswire Global

Business Systems Awarded Place on Network Services 2 Framework


Business Systems, a leader in voice recording and enterprise workforce optimisation solutions, has been named as a supplier for Lot 13 of the Crown Commercial Service’s (CCS)Network Services 2 framework for contact centre services

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Open Access Government

Boosting UK public sector delivery with robotic assistance


Business Systems UK’s Will Davenport explains why software designed to automate routine operations could be a real help for a cash-starved UK public sector

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BDaily News

The Rise of the Blended Workplace


Business Systems UK’s Will Davenport on why ’blending’ front and back office operations should be a priority for all customer-facing businesses

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Empowering your staff with Workforce Management


Empowering Your Staff with Workforce Management – Business Systems UK’s Will Davenport explains why contact centres can boost employee engagement, while hitting targets and improving service

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Finance Digest

How to find a way out of the Call Recording Jungle


Many financial companies have created voice recording mayhem for themselves by surrounding themselves with multiple voice recording solutions, but there is a way out of the software jungle explains Richard Mill from Business Systems

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Your Six Step Plan to Robot-Powered Productivity 


Your Six Step Plan to Robot-Powered Productivity – Business Systems’ Richard Mill discusses how contact centre managers can best take advantage of Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

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Finance Digest

Blending front and back office: Central to improving the customer experience 


CIOs need to look carefully at blending front and back office to align business needs and provide customers with the engagement and interaction they demand in today’s digital landscape, explains Richard Mill from Business Systems

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Finance Digest

How Analytics Can Keep Your Cost Base Low Plus Deliver Improved CX 


Business Systems’s Richard Mill explains how a leading UK processing and payments services player saw a 2% increase in customer satisfaction scores as a direct result of applying analytical intelligence (Speech Analytics) to its processes. 

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Finance Digest

How WFO (Workforce Optimisation) Can Help Mitigate The Risk Of Illegal Staff Conduct 


Richard Mill from Business Systems (UK) looks at how Workforce Optimisation (WFO) can help the finance sector become more transparent and compliant with the FCA’s conduct risk agenda.

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Finance Digest

Workforce Blending = Better Customer Experience and Business Efficiency 


Richard Mill from Business Systems looks at why achieving a blended solution is a business imperative for all customer-facing businesses…

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WFO Can Help Contact Centres With Conduct Risk


How Workforce Optimisation Can Help with Conduct Risk – Richard Mill looks at how Workforce Optimisation (WFO) contact centre tech can help meet the FCA’s conduct risk agenda. 

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The Right Way To End Risky Business


Richard Mill from Business Systems (UK) on why Workforce Optimisation (WFO) could be a huge help in mitigating the risk of illegal staff conduct

The FCA’s conduct risk agenda is driven by a need to make financial markets and services work in the best interests of customers. But how many financial services firms are meeting all its recommendations?

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Linking Back Office and Front Office to Create CXM Heaven


Richard Mill from Business Systems looks at why ‘blending’ front and back office operations using workforce optimisation techniques should now be paramount for all customer-facing businesses

The blending of front and back office isn’t a new phenomenon, but it is one that businesses appear to have ignored to their own detriment.

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Nailing Communications Compliance in a Volatile & Litigious Market


In an industry still reeling catastrophic shocks to public trust, financial services organisations are under ever-closer scrutiny from regulators. They must be able to demonstrate immutable records of all their dealings and be able t call these up with precision and speed in the event of an audit or investigation. But infrastructure complexity and call format issues can impede this accessibility. 

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Integrated Care 24 Selects NICE to Ensure Unparalleled Quality of Care and Audit Accuracy


NICE (Nasdaq: NICE) and Business Systems (UK) Ltd today announced that they have been selected by Integrated Care 24 (IC24) to provide comprehensive, consistent reporting and deliver insights that will enable an advanced level of healthcare services to a population of over 7.2 million via more than one million calls per year across its contact centers. IC24 turned to Business Systems, a long-term technology partner, and NICE when they needed to significantly boost audit capacity to 100% of its patients interactions, a critical factor considering the urgent, medical nature of the calls.

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