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Powering Great Customer Experiences in the Contact Centre


The most complete, unified, and intelligent solution for Contact Centres to achieve their customer experience goals

Ensuring a contact centre runs efficiently and effectively can be extremely challenging. Not only do you need to be able to multi-task and meet customer demands, your software needs to be up to the job too.

Do some of these challenges sound familiar to you?

  • Disparate systems slowing customer interactions
  • No CRM integration, agents working across multiple systems
  • Paying support for multiple systems from different providers and contracts

This is where NICE inContact CXone can help.


NICE inContact CXone helps organisations excel in their industry to give them a competitive edge:

  • CRM Integration: Integrate with your CRM and get valuable information about callers even before they pick up the phone
  • Multi-Channel: Support for multiple inbound call centre channels (30+) allowing customer to choose how they wish to get in touch
  • On-demand Scalability: Easily scale the number of agents based on seasonal call spikes with on-demand scalability
  • Unifying Omni-channel Routing: Connect journeys across any channel, whether they are via email, voice calls, SMS, IVR or chatbots. Identify callers and route them to the right agents with skill-based and behavioural based routing
  • Analytics: Turn insight into results with a real time dashboard, interaction analytics and performance management
  • Workforce Optimisation: Provide a great customer experience by always having the right agent with the right skill sets at the right time
  • Automation & AI: Streamline service delivery by anticipating and automating work for your agents



NICE inContact CXone is the world's #1 cloud experience platform.

Anyone can claim this so check out what the experts have to say: