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PCI Payment Solutions

PCI Payment Solutions

Business Systems provides the latest call handling solutions to assist organisations with accepting card payments over the telephone safely, securely, efficiently and in compliance with PCI DSS requirements.

Our solutions range from full automation to live call centre, where uninterrupted dialogue with customers is critical.

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Key Features

  • Complete hosted solution, no additional equipment required
  • Externally audited PCI-DSS Level 1 approved
  • Mirrors your existing call handling, routing and queuing
  • Can run as either standalone or integrate within your existing CRM solution
  • Minimal staff training or changes to existing processes
  • Live or Automated solutions available
  • Works with existing call recording equipment
  • No change to your payment provider or merchant facilities

Hosted Environment

Integration can be easily implemented to existing CRM solutions and can mirror any existing call recording, queuing and routing plans to ensure minimal change and disruption to your operational procedures whilst still adhering to the latest PCI-DSS regulations.

As well as a full range of feature rich call handling solutions,  all of which can be managed in real-time via our management portal 24 x 7, we are also able to offer integration with SMS services and a host of Management Information reports on demand or scheduled for email delivery.

Live Agent Solutions

The live agent solutions replicate your existing call handling and routing plans but then allow the caller to enter their card information via their telephone keypad. The system suppresses all card information from the call, ensuring that data is not available to the call centre agent and is not subsequently stored by any existing call recording equipment.

Automated Solutions

When it's not essential that calls are answered by a live agent, we can offer an automated solution that allows customers to call at any time to make payments, providing a convenient mechanism for clients and freeing up agents to deal with more demanding enquiries.

Secure Processing

Whatever method used, the payment details are forwarded directly and securely in real time to your existing merchant’s credit card platform. Subsequently, authorisation details are relayed back to the caller, call centre agent and your CRM together with any tokenisation details so further reporting or processing can take place after the call has been completed.

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