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Pay as you Go Call Recording

Pay as you go” call recording works exactly as the sentence reads, you make no capital outlay and only pay for your call recording as you use it on a per-minute basis – just like a pay as you go mobile phone. It provides a highly secure and professional method of capturing and storing calls.

Ideal For:

  • Organisations without a capital expenditure budget
  • Proof-of-concept projects
  • Call centres where call quality and performance is measured
  • Outsourcing Service Providers where the recording service needs to be provided for specific customers only

How it works

A secure server is installed at your premises and configured to record calls on your particular criteria. Playback software is provided for authorised personnel to access calls via desktop PCs. Easy to use software is provided also to give you the ability to search for calls and instantly retrieve the one you are looking for. Central storage and archive options are available for organisations, which need to store recordings long-term.

With this service there is no disruption to any existing telephony providers. Also because recordings are highly compressed there is little strain on your network. A full quality monitoring, call scoring and reporting software solution is available to use in conjunction with your call recorder.

Suitable for these recording application:

  • Dispute Resolution - proving who said what
  • Compliance - where recording is required by law
  • Quality Monitoring - training and improving agent performance

What you get

  • A professionally installed system with no capital outlay.

  • Usage only charging – variable tariffs (average ¾ of a penny per recorded minute).

  • Monthly billing period – (or other by arrangement).

  • No service charges – all maintenance is provided free.

  • Free desktop software – for unlimited replay of all calls.

  • Secure high quality compressed digital recordings.

  • Detailed usage re-billing reports. (NB – For outsourcers these can be on a per-customer basis, which can be used in turn to re-bill your customers by adding a surcharge.)

  • Ability to search on calls by varied criteria, such as date/time, duration, agent name, client details and more if required.