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Business Systems Latest Call Recording, Workforce Optimisation & Compliance Insights:

Monitor 6| November 2020

Featuring the latest on embracing the evolving world of work, top 10 use cases for contact centre analytics and remaining compliant in a work-from-home environment.

Monitor 6| October 2020

Featuring the latest on embracing the power of emotion in customer service, how HCL halved their customer complaints and how to manage growing call recording platforms. 

Monitor 6| September 2020

Featuring the latest on embracing the evolving world of work, 4 reasons why you need Back-Office technology and recording Microsoft Teams for compliance.

Monitor 6| August 2020

Featuring the latest on benefits of a Cloud Contact Centre, WFM Scheduling techniques and Microsoft Teams compliance recording must-haves. 

Monitor 6| July 2020

Featuring the latest on business continuity & disaster recovery, managing a remote workforce with RTA and WhatsApp Business Call Recording. 

Monitor 6| June 2020

Featuring the latest on navigating & adapting your contact centre for the future, WFM ROI calculator and challenges around managing compliance recording. 

Monitor 6| May 2020

Featuring the latest on managing remote contact centre agents, a guide to Cloud-Based Contact Centres and tips to make your Voice Recording system more resilient.

Monitor 6| April 2020

Featuring the latest on top tips for combating challenges in the contact centre during COVID-19, resource planning techniques and how to keep traders trading with MVR.

Monitor 6| March 2020

Featuring the latest on maintaining business continuity during COVID-19, Real-Time Adherence within WFM and how to keep your employees fully operational from home. 

Monitor 6| February 2020

Featuring the latest on the top 3 trends in the contact centre in 2020, legacy systems and compliance and RPA. 

Monitor 6| January 2020

Featuring the latest on Back Office Productivity, AI and the top 3 financial trends in 2020. 

Monitor 6| December 2019

Featuring the latest on Gamification in the contact centre, top 5 technologies that reduce cost in the contact centre and why we need robots onboard.

Monitor 6| November 2019

Featuring the latest on mapping your RPA journey, how to overcome lack of visibility in the back office and top 4 financial services customer experience trends in 2019.

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