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NICELog V8.9

This product is no longer supported. Description: Ideal for high-capacity or high-risk applications, NiceLog offers unlimited channel capacity, with up to 224 channels per server. It has proven reliability within mission critical environments.

For organisations requiring recording from 32 channels to hundreds, the NiceLog telephone recording solution offers high capacity recording for voice, VoIP, radio and screen activity (screen recording is used for training and performance measurement). An ideal corporate solution for contact centres, trading floors, and Air Traffic Control (ATC).

Using a proprietary platform the NICELog recording range has been proven to offer uncompromised digital quality recording and advanced compression technology. NICELog's professional software applications and integration with most industry standard telephony, provides complete flexibility to either blanket record or 'selectively' record.

Recording Applications

  • For quality monitoring, selective recording can be specified, by setting schedules to record either randomly or specifically using a variety of criteria such as agent name, dialled numbers, DNIS/DDI, call direction, switch information or caller ID

  • Blanket recording or 'Total recording' makes NiceLog suitable for organisations that need transaction verification, compliance or risk management

  • Record on demand applications within NiceLog enable recording to be initiated at any time while a call is in progress, by simply pressing a button on designated workstations

  • Real time monitoring allows organisations to view the current status of any calls and initiate voice and/or screen recording if required

Key Features

  • Unlimited recording capacity (16 - 480 channels per logger)

  • Conventional telephony, Radio and Screen Recording available

  • Multi-media recording via PCI based technology

  • Full integration with ACDs, Turrets, CTI Middleware, Predictive Dialers

  • Multiple Storage Options -DDS4, AIT1, AIT2, DVD RAM or NAS

  • Fully secure redundancy option

  • Playback via telephone, speaker, LAN or WAN

  • Remote maintenance via LAN or Modem

NICE Perform V9

The next generation of business transaction recording offering advanced analytics linking recordings to other relevant data held within the business. NICE Perform is designed for use in large enterprises, which record for protection, compliance or for quality monitoring.

NICE Perform offers traditional call recording, call searching, call scoring and management reporting facilities but goes a step further allowing managers to analyse data at a strategic level alongside other relevant information contained in the business.

NICE Perform brings together all the experience of NICE’s award winning high capacity, high quality recording solutions.

What is NICE Perform used for?

  • Improving quality management

  • To strengthen customer loyalty

  • For understanding customer intent and behaviour

  • To analyse campaign awareness and effectiveness

  • For maximising cross and up-selling opportunities

  • To gather market information on products and services

  • For collecting market information on competitors

  • Ensuring compliance and reduce risk

  • To review and refine business processes

Advanced Analysis/Reporting

  • By searching for ‘keywords’ inside calls, the organisation can extrapolate information from call recordings, for example:

    • Competitor keyword search can aid market analysis

    • Customer complaints investigative work can analyse calls with high emotion scorings or words commonly used during complaints

    • Marketing can analyse market responses to particular products by listening to calls with certain product names mentioned

  • Call flow analysis looks at the customer experience, indicating “on holds” or “transfers

  • For understanding customer intent and behaviour

  • Fully customisable reports with state of the art visualisation techniques enable analysts and executives to quickly and easily identify trends and take immediate action

Nice Perform provides:

  • Total recording for liability, recording on demand and random selection of calls based on advanced criteria (such as call duration, VDN, dialled number)

  • Advanced evaluation form creation including flexible scoring and various question types

  • Advanced reporting, including over 60 best practice report templates

  • Integrated coaching module that delivers coaching packages to the agent desktop

The Technology


NICE Perform integrates with Microsoft .NET client-server technology, which utilizes NICE Perform's smart client installed on the desktop and communicating with the central server for rapid system integration. This technology reduces overheads, improves response time and eases the installation of updates and new versions.

Multi-media Recording

Recording is available for VoIP, traditional telephone or hybrid communications technologies. Customer interactions can be captured (voice and screen) across all media (traditional and VoIP calls, agent screens, IVR feedback, email and Web).

Web-based Applications

NICE Perform utilises the power of the Internet allowing organisations to manage their systems, access recordings and run reports from web-based applications. The customisable portal allows access via the web to information anytime anywhere.

Recommended Call Recording Upgrades 

If you think it’s time to upgrade your NICELog V8.9 call recording software and you are looking for a solution that complies with regulations, monitors quality of service and uncovers business insight through recorded calls then there are three call recording products worth considering as follows;

NICE Call Recording
Red Box Quantify 

Or Vocal Wordwatch  - which allows you to replay all of your recording from your old systems into one portal as well as guarantees the ability to link to other solutions in order to gain valuable business insight.