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NICE Perform eXpress

NICE Perform eXpress offers small to medium sized businesses an affordable enterprise-grade call recording solution.

NICE Perform eXpress offers small to medium sized businesses an affordable enterprise-grade call recording solution and has the capacity to record up to 200 channels. With an emphasis on voice recording for compliance it can be deployed as a standalone solution or in a multisite environment with centralised administration and storage capabilities.

With an off-the-shelf, COTS-based platform NICE Perform eXpress enables organisations to comply with new regulations and business needs and using the NICE Perform architecture ensures liability recording and regulatory compliance.

Standalone Solution

  • Each NICE Perform eXpress provides its services to its local site independent of the other NICE Perform eXpress solutions deployed elsewhere in the organisation
  • A single storage server may be used by all NICE Perform eXpress systems in the organisation but each system manages its own archived call recordings
  • The system is installed and controlled locally

Centrally Administered Sites

  • NICE Perform eXpress operates independently within the organisation while it is configured and maintained from a central site
  • Update packs are distributed from a central location ensuring a number of eXpress solutions can be deployed across sites and benefit from unified administration

Hub & Spoke

  • Ideal for organisations with a data centre and branch environment but want to manage systems from a single location
  • eXpress solutions are deployed at the branches and can be integrated with a centralised NICE Perform solution residing at the data centre
  • Migrating data from NICE Perform eXpress in the branches to a centralised NICE Perform system will deliver value added NICE Perform functionality

Key Features

  • Quick and easy deployment – using simple, intuitive installation and configuration process – various methods available  i.e. central location or local site - based on organisations requirement
  • All-in-one solution for liability call recording in TDM & VoIP environments – captures analogue extensions, digital extensions and TDM trunks or passively sniff VoIP packets
  • CTI Agnostic – providing a suitable voice recording solution for environments without external CTI
  • Uses TDM/VoIP decoders, like D-Channel decoding – to extract call metadata from signals between PBX and agents phone
  • Archiving and back up - embedded storage management for archiving calls, voice recordings can be archived locally or at a remote central storage area. Can work with Enterprise Storage Management devices
  • Advanced playback authorisation flow – in order to query and playback calls
  • Systems administration – for user management, reconfiguration or monitoring of systems components
  • Audit trail application – monitor current activity in real time
  • Full call recording service and support contract available

A highly cost effective call recording solution providing lower total cost of ownership through a single box all-in-one solution, centralised admin and storage, rapid deployment and installation, small footprint and the capability to run as a virtual machine.

Recommended Call Recording Upgrades

If you think it’s time to upgrade your NICE Perform eXpress call recording software and you are looking for a solution that complies with regulations, monitors quality of service and uncovers business insight through recorded calls then there are three call recording products worth considering as follows;

NICE Call Recording
Vocal Wordwatch 
Red Box Quantify