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NICE inContact – Cloud Contact Centre Solutions

NICE inContact – Cloud Contact Centre Solutions

NICE inContact CXone is the first and only cloud contact centre platform unifying best-in-class Omnichannel Routing, Analytics, Workforce Optimisation, Automation and Artificial Intelligence.

All built on an Open Cloud Foundation.

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CXone Omnichannel Routing - Cloud Contact Centre Omnichannel Routing 

NICE inContact CXone Omnichannel Routing is a contact routing and interaction management suite that empowers your agents to positively and productively interact with customers in digital and voice channels.

Connect customer journeys across any channel by empowering agents to provide quick, personalised, and proactive service.

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  • Automatic Contact Distributor (ACD): Skills-based omnichannel routing engine that intelligently connects customers to the best resource. Our ACD software provides a universal queue for 30+ channels, all with a consolidated omnichannel agent desktop with customer context. 

Features Include: Personalise customer experience, skills-based routing, universal queue for inbound and outbound voice, callback, voicemail, email, chat, text/SMS, social media and work Items, real-time queue Information, and more...

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR): Voice self-service that accelerates resolution, improves routing and cuts costs with automation. It leverages natural speech to collect caller information and determine optimal handling for an improved customer experience.

Features include: Fully integrated with ACD, sentralised IVR system, integrate with popular CRMs, quick updates

  • Interaction Channels: Provide over 30 options to connect with customers in their channel of choice – including chat, messaging options like WhatsApp and SMS as well as voice. Offer a consistent journey across all the channels your customers want and quickly add new channels to stay ahead of the competition.

Features Include: Digital-first omnichannel flexibility, concurrently handle multiple interactions, personalise interactions with immediate access to customer data, unified configuration and administration across digital and voice channels, access real-time data for quick intervention

  • Proactive Outbound: Give your Inside Sales team an easier way to attain quota by connecting with more prospects every day, and helps your Customer Service team reduce inbound calls through personalized, low cost, and proactive outbound notifications.

Features Include: Patented predictive dialing, continuously updated dialing lists, review info with preview dialing

  • My Agent eXperience - MAX: Digital-first, omnichannel agent interface designed for the streamlined handling of contact centre interactions, regardless of channel. With MAX, your agents will be ready to tackle their roughest days and most complex customer interactions with ease.

Features Include: interaction handling across channels with consistent controls, consolidated agent tools, integrated Reporting, WFM and QM, display interaction history across channels, switch or add channels when appropriate

CXone Analytics Software - Cloud Contact Centre Analytics 

Turn insights into results by making data relevant, easy to consume and actionable.

CXone Analytics turns insights into results by making data relevant, easy to consume and actionable to drive measurable improvements and understand the omnichannel experience customers receive.

Create a data-driven culture that allows for better decision making at all levels and ensure employee productivity, customer satisfaction, and other strategic business goals.

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  • Interaction Analytics: AI powered omnichannel contact centre analytics and reporting tool that identifies root cause and trends across 100% of customer interactions. speech, voice and text analytics guide measurable improvements.
  • Reporting: Guides smarter, more informed decisions with real-time and historical insights on key business metrics and trends through fully integrated reporting and data access tools. 
  • Performance Management: Inspire your employees to self-improve and align with organisational goals by providing transparency and continuous feedback within a social, web-based environment. 

CXone Workforce Engagement - Cloud Contact Centre Workforce Optimisation 

Provides the industry's most accurate forecasts and helps foster employee ownership & accountability.

NICE inContact CXone Workforce Engagement and  Optimisation (WEM) unlocks your team’s potential by providing tools to inspire employee self-improvement, amplify quality to enhance customer experience, reduce labour waste, and ensure regulatory compliance. 

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  • Workforce Management: Empowers you to anticipate business demands and optimize your workforce with the industry’s most intelligent and accurate omnichannel forecasting engine

Features Include: Forecasting, Scheduling, Intraday Management, Trend Analysis

  • Quality Management Analytics: Omnichannel, quality management product that delivers a better customer experience through targeted agent feedback.

Features include: Interaction Evaluation, Calibration, Analytics based Quality Optimization, Coaching

  • Screen and Call Recording: Provides secure, full-featured contact centre call and screen recording for audio and digital channels to satisfy contact center compliance and quality needs.

Features include: Call Recording, Screen Recording, Search and Playback capabilities.

  • Performance Management: Elevate agent performance with real-time, personalised insights, provide a creative outlet through engaging gamification and wallboards, and motivate with prizes in a customisable virtual storefront.

Features include: Agregation, Single Reporting Repository, Performance Dashboard & Trend Analysis. 

CXone Automation & AI - Cloud Contact Centre Automation & AI 

Intelligent self-service, agent-assisted and fully-automated alerts and actions that eliminates mundane tasks and speeds resolutions of customer issues. With intelligent self-service, agent-assisted and fully-automated alerts and actions, CXone Automation and Artificial Intelligence frees your contact centre from the busy work that inhibits innovation

  • Workforce Intelligence: Fully-integrated contact centre operations engine that turbo charges supervisor productivity by triggering routing or workforce changes to achieve service levels, freeing supervisors from mundane tasks and allowing them to prioritize coaching and agent training. 

Features include: Complete view across CXone ACD and WFO applications, respond in real-time to changing conditions by quickly adjusting campaigns & activities, automatically adjust to changing conditions based on real-time information from the complete contact centre view.

  • Predictive behavioural Routing: AI-powered contact centre routing that predicts the best match between customers and agents. Personalise experiences by instantly pairing customers according to their personality, communication style, and experience preferences to drive measurable results. 

Features Include: AI-powered Predictive Behavioural Routing, proprietary behavioural models, largest behavioural database, automatically connect customers in real-time .     


CXone Open Cloud Formation - Cloud Contact Centre Platform

NICE inContact Open Cloud Foundation powers rapid innovation with an extensible enterprise-grade platform that scales securely, deploys quickly, and serves customers of all sizes globally. 

  • Security & Reliability: Place your data and contact centre operations in a high security environment that mitigates risk in the cloud. Access high reliability environment that bolsters your Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery strategy.
  • CRM Integrations: Consolidate your customer context and contact centre controls into a single interface, for more efficient agents and exceptional experiences. With quick and easy access to the tools and information they need, agents can handle more interactions in less time. Deploy integrations for Salesforce, Oracle Service Cloud, Microsoft Dynamics, ServiceNow, Zendesk, SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C), NetSuite, SugarCRM and Bullhorn in hours and scale them as your contact center needs evolve.
  • UCaaS Integrations: Pre-built adapters connecting the contact centre to leading UC tools, facilitating expert access through synchronised presence and instant engagement, bringing together the two platforms in a unified agent interface. Connect your agent workforce in minutes with Microsoft, RingCentral, Zoom, LogMeIn, Atos and more. 
  • RESTful APIs: Extending functionality to other business critical solutions to create the optimal customer service environment. NICE inContact puts APIs first giving you access to the same API used for internal product development, and at no additional cost.
  • Voice as a service: Contact centre connectivity suite delivering quality optimised cloud voice and data services that enable quality connections between agents and customers.