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NICE Call Recording

NICE Call Recording

Business Systems has been selling and installing NICE call recording solutions for over 30 years in the UK and is a NICE Premier partner in Europe.


NICE Call Recording Solutions:

On any given day, customers engage with your organizations across an average of nine channels, creating thousands of interactions, every minute. NICE AIR & Engage allow you to record these interactions and enable your agents to act smarter, faster and with less effort when servicing customer needs. Find out more

A secure and reliable voice recording solutions designer to help financial trading floors meet compliance, Resolve disputes and manager call recordings effectively. NICE Trading Recording (NTR) is a solution that can centrally manage all the firms’ voice recordings of front-office, middle-office, back-office, including Skype for business, mobile phones and trader voice transcriptions. Find out more

To ensure effective regulatory compliance, your firm must now capture all relevant communication, reconstruct trades as they occurred, and monitor all communication by the same rules. The NICE Communication Surveillance Solution allows you to take complete control over your trading floor communications and proactively detect breaches of compliance rules or fraud. Find out more

NICE inContact’s solutions for inbound call centers help you deliver outstanding customer experiences. You’ll have the tools you need to immediately connect callers with the right agents, scale capacity when inbound call center volumes spike, and boost agents’ productivity while enabling quick first contact resolution. Find out more





Service and Support:

We also provide service, support and upgrade option for older NICE products including:

Why work with Business Systems?

  • NICE Platinum partner
  • Over 20 NICE qualified engineers 
  • 30 years experience in call recording
  • Committed to delivering outstanding customer service and support
  • Dedicated to helping you achieve fast ROI on your technology

Achieving ‘Platinum’ status, our call recording engineers have achieved the highest levels of accreditation in installing, servicing and supporting NICE call recording systems.