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Newsletters (continued)

newsletters (continued)

Business Systems Latest Call Recording, Workforce Optimisation & Compliance Insights:

Monitor 6| November 2017

Featuring our latest workforce management forecasting tips and legacy call recording, retention and retrieval options available for Financial institutions in light of MiFID II. 

Monitor 6 | October 2017

Featuring our latest extracting calls from old call recorders checklist and how to reduce attrition rates with Workforce Management. 

Monitor 6 | September 2017

Featuring our latest MiFID II and Mobile Call Recording Checklist and how Equiniti drove business improvement with Speech Analytics

Monitor 6 | August 2017

Featuring how to implement Mobile Call Recording and technologies that can help you reduce costs in the Contact Centre

Monitor 6 | July 2017

Featuring our latest report on The State of Quality Monitoring in UK Contact Centres and how interaction analytics can help insurance companies de-risk information processing. 

Monitor 6 | June 2017

Featuring the latest news on how interaction analytics can help improve customer satisfaction, and an analysis of the most prominent mobile call recording technologies.

Monitor 6 | May 2017

Featuring the latest news on how the property sector can benefit from call recording and how speech analytics can help retail banks improve compliance whilst increasing customer retention.

Monitor 6 | April 2017

Featuring the latest news on how robotic automation can help boost customer service, as well as how financial institutions can address their voice recording challenges under MiFID II.

Monitor 6 | March 2017

Featuring the latest news on how call recording can help boost recruitment specialists performance, as well as how legacy systems can hinder MiFID II compliance.

Monitor 6 | February 2017

Featuring the latest news on how technology can help reduce cost in the contact centre,  and the significance of maintaining a healthy call recording infrastructure.

Monitor 6 | January 2017

Featuring the latest news on workforce management emerging trends,  and on how to avoid compliance failure through digitisation of tape recordings.

Monitor 6 | December 2016

Featuring the latest news on technologies that will drive recording compliance in 2017,  and the best ways to utilise speech analytics in the contact centre.

Monitor 6 | November 2016

Featuring the latest news on call recording, quality monitoring and a special feature on the business case of robotic process automation within Councils.

Monitor 6 | October 2016

Featuring the latest news on robotic process automation,  skype recording and a special feature on interaction analytics within the Insurance industry.

Monitor 6 | September 2016

Featuring the latest news on legacy call recording,  interview recording, and two special features on the benefits of voice technologies within the Hospitality and Gambling industries.

Monitor 6 | August 2016

Featuring the latest news on mobile call recording,  corporate and personal liability for non-compliance within Financial Services, and the latest reports on Quality Monitoring and PCI Compliance for Contact Centres.

Monitor 6 | July 2016

Featuring the latest survey report on legacy & compliance for financial services,  an easy to use checklist to see if it's time to upgrade from Excel to a  Workforce Management solution, as well as a service excellence blue print.

Monitor 6 | June 2016

Featuring the latest on interaction analytics for financial services and contact centre environments, as well as tips on how workforce management can help empower your agents.

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