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Meet Declan - Back Office Administrator

Meet Declan

Declan works in the back office for a large insurance company selling and administrating life policies. 

He sometimes finds it hard to: 

  • balance the workload against his abilities
  • isn't always sure which job is best to handle first
  • develop his skills 
  • get rid of monotonous tasks

What's the solution?

This is a problem many back office operations face. Workforce optimisation tools have been used effectively in front office contact centres for many years, and they continue to evolve. But few contact centres are benefiting from the wealth of advantages a back office workforce optimisation suite can deliver.

Picture this - Using OPX,  a back-office workforce optimisation solution, Declan can:

  • let the system decide what job is best for his skills and what needs doing first according to customer SLA's using a 'get next' approach 
  • flag up what skills he needs to improve on
  • automate the more manual and boring jobs 


Key Features

  • sits on top of existing systems
  • advanced reporting - visual dashboard of employee productivity, utilisation and business operational insight
  • case management & allocation - breaks complex back office processes up


Free latent capacity, reduce overtime, maximise resources and drive out workforce efficiencies.
Allocate work based on skills and introduce robotic automation to identify and manage repetitive tasks. 

Deliver a great customer journey by ensuring your workforce and robots are working together.

Identify workforce training needs and skills shortages ensures teams always perform to the optimum.


Back Office Workforce Optimisation Advice Hub

Case Study

ReAssure reduced operating costs by 15% 

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