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Market Overview

Market Overview

Whatever market sector your organisation operates in Business Systems can provide call recording and associated workforce optimisation technology to meet compliance and regulatory need, dispute resolution, transaction verification, customer service and quality monitoring goals all whilst enhancing the customer experience.

Business Systems and Contact Centres  

Contact Centres

Business Systems was responsible for pioneering the first large scale quality monitoring solutions within contact centres in the early 1990’s and understands the unique dynamics and drivers of the contact centre market.

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Business Systems and Trading Floors  

Trading Floors

Business Systems supply call recording solutions to over 30% of the City's financial firms as well as mobile phone recording and trading surveillance technology to help detect market abuse and fraud.

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Business Systems and Police & Public Safety  

Police & Public Safety

Business Systems deliver mission critical recording solutions for control rooms and contact centres across emergency services including fire, police and ambulance services as well as the air traffic control sector.

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Business Systems and General Business  

General Business

We work with organisations including professional services as well as legal and corporate business to identify how voice technologies like speech analytics and call recording can improve performance and add business value.

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Business Systems and Government & Health  

Government & Health

Working with a number of local authorities, housing associations and healthcare organisations, Business Systems have implemented call recording and workforce optimisation solutions to drive down costs and deliver better tax payer value.

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